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"I hired Aidan for my third birth. I was secretly hoping for a home birth and wanted the best possible outcomes for a medicated free birth. Aidan was phenomenal. She came to my house in early labour and provided comic relief during my early contractions. When labour went to transition, she was there helping me cope with the toughest of contractions. We laboured outside using her tens machine, she applied back pressure to counter act my contractions. She taught my husband how to support me. Both her and my husband worked together. I ended up having my home birth, with baby arriving a couple of hours after the midwives. I honestly don’t think I would have made it as far as I did without Aidan. I’m fairly certain, I would have thrown the towel in much earlier. In the days following the birth, my husband and I both couldn’t stop repeating how amazing and perfect Aidan’s support was for us during labour and delivery."



- Caitlin B., Oakville, ON 

"Aidan was a wonderful help/support to have throughout my pregnancy and birth. Being high risk and having a traumatic first birth experience it was great to have someone ease my nerves by answering all of my questions and providing reassurance that this is my birth and it will be a great experience. During labour, Aidan was such a calming presence, she would try new pain management strategies, and provided distractions when things were not helping. Aidan advocated on my behalf without being pushy and encouraged me to ask the questions we’d discussed prior to labour.

I am completely pleased with Aidan and would highly recommend having her as your doula. She’s calm, professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about what she does.

If another baby is in the cards for us, then she’s hired!"


- Tania L., Etobicoke, ON

"Aidan is absolutely amazing. She is knowledgeable, warm, funny and most importantly supportive. She really helped me stay present and remind me of my strength. I don't think my family and I could have got through that experience without her. She was the glue that held everything together. Having her by my side was so reassuring. Her support and encouragement made a world of difference. She has a gift for what she does."

-Jamel L., Mississauga, ON

"My husband and I are first time parents and Aidan was a huge resource for us. She boosted our confidence, answered a million questions and gave us a million tips. Her relaxed, good-natured style was so welcome, especially during the first weeks."

- Michelle C., Toronto, ON

"Aidan's friendly and empathetic demeanor made my partner and I feel very comfortable sharing our struggles with our son's sleep. Her interview was down to earth yet intensive, and we learned as much about how to balance our own lives as we did about helping Miguel Angel to sleep. Aidan focused on what was right for our family, and supported our personal goals. We felt she really understood our need to focus on sleep as a family issue, and developed an incredibly thorough written plan that makes the sleep issues we are having manageable. After meeting with Aidan, my partner and I feel much less anxious about our sleep struggles, and are confident we are doing not only what is right for our child, but what is right for us!"

- Katie P., Toronto, ON

"Aidan's calm, reassuring nature made us feel more at ease when expressing concern about our little guys sleep habits.

One thing that I really loved about Aidan's approach is she really took into consideration how the lack of sleep was effecting Me as the mother. She spent a good chunk of time talking to my husband and I about self care for me, as well as plans to help me get more sleep. This was crucial! A happy mom is a good mom :)

Aidan made some great suggestions about nap time and really helped us transition or son to an actual in-crib nap time.

It was great!


The last point i'll say in regards to Aidan's service is that she is completely non judgemental. As a new mom you're extremely sensitive and always wondering "am I doing this right???" Aidan really made me feel like I wasn't doing anything wrong, but at the same time helped me come up with techniques to improve what I was doing. I felt so motivated and reassured after our call! :)

I highly suggest Aidan if you're looking to help your little one (and you!) get more sleep."

- Ashlynn A., St Catharines, ON

"When I was trying to establish a sleep routine for my son I turned to Aidan. She broke things down for me at the initial session and I was able to easily implement her plan. Aidan was always available for question and concerns and she got back to me with her recommendations. She is kind and empathetic and makes an effort to customize the sleep plan to my goals. This was a fantastic investment - my son is sleeping so much better now as am I. Highly recommended!"

- Katarina S., Toronto, ON

"When I found Aidan, I felt like I was at the end of the cliff. I spent every minute I could researching everything and anything there was about infant sleep so that I could try to help my family. After just a few minutes speaking with Aidan I knew that I had found someone special. Her kind and gentle nature brought reassurance to us that we were doing nothing wrong. She spent a lot time talking about my health as a mother and reassuring me that following my instincts was in fact normal. I couldn't recommend her enough to anyone who feels as though they have a "bad sleeper". I never thought I'd sleep again - but with Aidan's guidance, love and support we all are feeling much more rested and we couldn't have got here without her help."

- Kelsey D., Guelph, ON

"Naps & bedtime routine were challenges for us & our 6 month old and this is when we reached out to Aidan. Through our Facetime chat, Aidan listened to our needs and had a sound approach to help us navigate and feel success. My hubby and I are super grateful to Aidan for her knowledge and support!
Thanks so much Aidan!"

- Claudia S., Toronto, ON

"Aidan was there for us when we NEEDED her. Being first time parents, my husband and I were struggling with the sleep situation we had in place vs what every online article about sleep was urging parents to do. We turned to Aidan. She took the time to answer our endless seeming stream of questions. She was patient and thorough and I can honestly say that we had our best sleep in months after that conversation with her. Still to this day, we are sleeping well and when there are peas under our mattress we go straight to Aidan. She shares her knowledge with confidence and we would highly recommend her to any and all of our friends and family who have any questions regarding their child/children's sleep.

Thank you Aidan."

- Vanja M., Toronto, ON

We take on a limited amount of birth doula and sleep support clients every month to ensure we are there whenever you need us.
We offer payment plans and a sliding scale when needed. Reach out today and feel confident through every stage.

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