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Why, hello there!

how to help my baby sleep through the ni

Why, hello there!

My name is Aidan Black-Allen and I am the parent behind Rosy Dreamers. I founded Rosy Dreamers in 2016 with the mission to provide unwavering, informed and compassionate support to expectant and new parents.

I have supported hundreds of families as a Birth and Postpartum Doula and Infant Sleep Educator and Sleep Coach. The only thing I love more than my job is being a mother to my two kiddos. 






My kids are my world but they are DEMANDING. Neither one of them are naturally "good" sleepers. After my first was born, I realized everything I thought I knew about infant sleep didn’t sit right with me. 

Complete disclosure: I fully intended on using Cry it Out as early as possible. But holding my newborn in my arms, the idea of not responding to her went against everything natural in my body. Everyone kept telling me not to “spoil the baby” by holding her too much, that if I “just left her to cry for a night” she would sleep through the night, or that if I ever wanted her to sleep independently I had to stop these ridiculous routines of feeding or rocking her to sleep.

I am beyond grateful that I learned there are other options to optimize sleep during those early months and that there are gentle sleep coaching options for older babies that minimize crying. As a Gentle Sleep Educator and Holistic Sleep Coach, I work with children up to five years old with completely unique temperaments and sleep challenges. My approach to sleep training and education is family centered and goes beyond simply helping your baby sleep through the night (although that is a wonderful bonus!). Through a holistic and family centered lens, we implement proven and customized strategies that increase sleep, improve relaxation and facilitate bonding. I have been a Certified Infant Sleep Educator through bebo mia inc. since 2016 and have completed the Holistic Sleep Coaching program, OCN Level 6 Certification, the only college accredited sleep coaching program in the world. I adore supporting babies and children. But more than that, I love coaching parents to find the tools they need to feel rested, confident and calm.

my sleep journey

I believe all families deserve compassionate, non judgemental and holistic support

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It was during my first pregnancy that I learned what a doula was and felt my calling to this work. When my daughter was born in 2016, I had visions of using hypnobirthing to welcome her at the Toronto Birth Centre. But the universe had different plans. After a series of complications resulted in a traumatic cesarean birth, I entered parenthood overwhelmed by feelings of failure and guilt. If it hadn’t been for the support of my family, my sister (who is also a Lactation Consultant) and my doula, I might still be feeling that way today.


Ultimately, I realized that although it is entirely possible to have an unmedicated and peaceful birth experience, there is also a time where medical interventions are necessary, and life saving. This desire for other parents to have balanced information, understand their birth options, and most importantly feel validated no matter what kind of birth they have, led me to pursue my dream of becoming a doula. I have had the privilege of attending home births and hospital births.


I support whatever birth you desire whether that is unmedicated or medicated, is hands off or requires interventions, is vaginal or operative, a planned cesarean or a VBAC. I always offer evidence based care, deep compassion and hands on techniques to support a positive birth experience for you and your partner.


When I’m not welcoming babies or helping families sleep better, I can be found spending time with my husband Ryan, our daughter Rosalind, son Asher and dog, Ziggy. When I'm off call, we love to travel and spend time at our cottage in Tiny, Ontario. I have been an actor and drama teacher for almost 20 years and especially love improv and sketch comedy.In addition to my various trainings as a Maternal Support Practitioner and Gentle Sleep Educator, I hold a B.F.A. Specialization in Theatre Performance from Concordia University and am a graduate of the Second City Conservatory. 


Since meeting my husband Ryan in 2009, Sarnia has felt like home. I am so thrilled to live here and support this beautiful community. I would love to connect with you and learn about all the ways that I can support you on your parenting journey. Get in touch today to book your initial consultation, I can’t wait to meet you!

I love what I dou-la

    - Aidan Black Allen

Experience and Education You Can Trust

Aidan Black-Allen-Birth Doula-Gentle Sle

Experience and Education You Can Trust

  • Over 10 years supporting families and children

  • Certified Infant Sleep Educator - bebo mia inc. 2016

  • Certified Holistic Sleep Coach - Open College Network, Level 6. 2021

  • Certified Maternal Support Practitioner, Birth and Postpartum Doula - bebo mia inc. 2016

  • Certified Breastfeeding Educator - bebo mia inc. 2018

  • Birth Support Infection Control Protocols - IPAC Canada

  • Completed 30 hour Infant Mental Health Program through The Child Sleep Institute and The Hospital for Sick Children

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Specializing in Theatre Performance from Concordia University

  • Trained in CPR, Level C, Healthcare Provider

I would love to get to know you!

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