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Baby Sleeping

shame free 6 month sleep solutions:

Your Guide to Tranquil Nights and Restful Days

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Are you a new parent struggling with sleepless nights and chaotic days?


Do you find yourself:

  • Drained, longing for rest, and tired of advice to just let your baby "Cry It Out"?

  • Overwhelmed by erratic naps and a lack of routine?

  • Anxious about creating "bad habits" or that your baby will never learn to sleep independently?


You're not alone - we've been there, too. But here's the good news: sleep deprivation doesn't have to be your new normal. If your baby is between 3 to 6 months old and fighting sleep, this guide is designed specifically for you.

The Shame Free 6 Month Sleep Solutions guide offers easy to implement tips that will:

  • Improve your baby's sleep patterns, leading to longer, uninterrupted nights

  • Establish regular napping during the day, providing you with valuable moments of respite

  • Ensure that everyone in your family gets the rest they need during these crucial first six months.


And what makes our guide truly special? It's all about gentleness and respect for your baby's needs. You won't find any guilt trips or fear mongering here.

Only evidence-based strategies that are both gentle and effective, helping you feel confident and relaxed in your parenting journey. We believe in nurturing positive sleep habits without shame or stress, because you deserve to enjoy these precious moments with your baby.

Rosy Dreamers - Birth Doula - Postpartum Doula - Holistic Sleep Coach - Gentle Sleep Coach
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