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birth doula support

When you invest in me, you get the benefits of a doula, Lactation Educator and Sleep Consultant in one. Using my experience and compassion, my support can look different depending on the specific needs of the birthing parent and their families. I will never replace your partner, mother or other support person but am there to compliment their role and help you achieve a safe and satisfying birth experience. It's proven that doulas support better birth outcomes and postpartum experiences.


our doulas support you with

evidence based care

Cheerful Pregnant Woman

You will no longer get lost in the dark web of pregnancy board forums.


You will have access to my expertise, resources, affiliates, lending library and more at your fingertips through text, phone or e-mail 24/7.


No question is too big or too small and I will ensure you feel informed and confident with up to date information.

physical support

doula support-reduce pain in labour-mass

No two birthers are the same, but almost everyone can agree they would like their labour and birth to be more comfortable.


Using a variety of techniques including massage, acupressure, double hip squeeze, rebozo, TENS machine usage and many others, we will work to reduce pain.


Beginning prenatally, I will teach you and your partner ways to ease your discomfort at every stage of labour and how to help labour progress. I will continuously adapt with you and be a steady hand when you need it the most.

emotional support

water birth-doula support-doula home bir

As your doula, I will support you through the emotional highs and lows. My role is to be your voice of calm, offering complete non judgemental, unbiased support.


Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with or vent to, I will ensure you feel validated.


Hypnobirthing, guided meditation, relaxation, breath and grounding exercises are only some of the ways you will be comforted throughout pregnancy and labour.  

Your essential birth doula package includes:

prenatal care


Initial consultation

Let’s see if we are a good fit, tea is on me!


24/7 on call care

From the moment we decide to work together

Text, e-mail, phone or Facetime

I am here for you anytime of day

Four hours of private childbirth education

and prenatal planning

Our first session will cover everything pregnancy and labour related with a focus on the physiology of birth,

comfort measures for pregnancy and during labour, birth preferences and assistance with creating a birth plan

Our second session will focus on the postpartum period. We will make sure you feel confident with

infant care and have the best plan in place to ensure you are taken care of mentally and physically


Access to my tool kit

Usage of your own rebozo from the first prenatal until after you give birth

Complimentary rental of a labour specific TENS machine

Handouts, worksheets, and PDF booklets full of information



labour support

Full attendance at your labour

Guidance and support throughout early labour and ways to encourage labour progress


I will join you whenever you need me

Hands on physical and emotional support for both you and your partner

I will remain with you the entire time, including 1-3 hours after your baby is born


postpartum support


Initial Lactation Support

If requested, using my experience as a Certified Lactation Educator,

I will provide assistance with skin to skin, latching, observing hunger cues and different positions for feeding baby


24/7 on call care

for 6 weeks postpartum

I will support you with all of your feeding, infant sleep, baby care or postpartum wellness questions or concerns

Four Hours (2 visits)

of in person postpartum care

These sessions are tailored to whatever your specific needs are at the time

Sessions could include: Infant care, Feeding Support, Sleep Support, Mental Health Support, Birth Processing & more


You will have my professional and dedicated expertise to make sure both the birthing parent and baby are supported


Learn more about Postpartum Doula Support HERE

Your Investment

$ 1,200


When you invest in a doula, you are setting yourself up for birth and parenting success

Get in touch today for your free consultation




Sleep Soundly. 

Birth Boldly.

Parent Confidently.


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