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Sorting through the hundreds of books on parenting and pregnancy can be quite time consuming, and expensive! Finding evidence based information is a great starting point to ease any anxieties you might be experiencing. All of my current clients have access to my lending library which has a ton of up to date information on pregnancy, labour, infant and toddler sleep.


I have personally read all of these books and ensure they will answer your pressing childbirth questions like:

What are my options for pain relief during childbirth?

What is the best choice, a midwife or an OBGYN?

What can I do about back pain during pregnancy?

How can I stop nausea in pregnancy?

The holistic sleep coaching and gentle sleep training alternative books listed below will give you peace of mind and help you to understand:


How can I help my baby through the 10 month old sleep regression?

What do I do if my baby won't go back to sleep after night feeding?

Why is my baby fighting sleep all of a sudden?

Why won't my baby sleep longer than 30 minutes?


Reach out today to reserve your copy and let me know which ones you think I should add to the list!

And be sure to check out the BLOG for more information on sleep, parenting and more.

books available now:

Pregnancy and Birth

Infant and Toddler Sleep

Postpartum and Parenting

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