Gentle Sleep Education

"Aidan really made me feel like I wasn't doing anything wrong, but at the same time helped me come up with techniques to improve what I was doing. I felt so motivated and reassured after our call! She spent a good chunk of time talking to my husband and I about self care for me, as well as plans to help me get more sleep. This was crucial! A happy mom is a good mom."


 - Ashlynn, mother of Mason, age 4 months

Parents have been led to believe they have only two options when it comes to getting more sleep for their babies – letting them “cry it out” or suffering until their babies learn to fall sleep on their own. Our  Gentle Sleep Education services comes at infant and toddler sleep with a developmental and attachment theory based approach.


We look at the unique temperament, age and stage of your child and also find ways to help them (and you!) sleep better without denying their need for proximity and touch. 

Babies are biologically designed to wake up at night and thrive off of a caregiver that is responsive to their signals. Science shows us that sleep is a developmental milestone just like walking or talking. Our team will guide you on how to set a solid sleep foundation and create healthy sleep patterns that will carry you through any sleep "regression", teething, illness or travelling and encourage longer stretches of sleep. 


How can we help babies sleep better while still ensuring that parents are getting the sleep they need? 


We will coach you to make lifestyle and routine adjustments that will help the whole family get more sleep. Our holistic alternative to  sleep training takes into account the root causes of sleep disruptions, life changes and overall family wellness when providing sleep support. We support bedsharing and comforting your baby to sleep in whatever way you choose - but we also help you find a different approach if the current set up isn't working anymore. Our gentle sleep strategies mean you never have to leave your child alone to cry, while guiding them to fall asleep independently.


We know your child is completely unique and our Customized Sleep Strategy Packages go above and beyond the one sized fits all approach of traditional sleep training. We know how hard it is to navigate the conflicting information that is out there on infant sleep and our approach fully supports up to date research on infant mental health and attachment. Our goals are to help you feel confident, trust your intuition and ensure better sleep for the whole family.

Certified Infant Sleep Educator in Toronto

"After just a few minutes speaking with Aidan I knew that I had found someone special.  I couldn't recommend her enough to anyone who feels as though they have a "bad sleeper".

I never thought I'd sleep again - but with Aidan's guidance, love and support we all are feeling much more rested and we couldn't have got here without her help."

- Kelsey D., mother of Kohl, age 10 months

Infant Mental Health Specialist - Child and Baby Sleep Consultant- Gentle Sleep Consultant Toronto


1 hour


A phone or online family interview

and sleep assessment

Comprehensive notes from the session

including tips and tools to improve your child's sleep

Two 20 minute follow up coaching calls

(to be used within one month )

Power Hour 


* HST will be added during payment

Sleep Support Packages

Digital Dreams



2  hours


A phone or online family interview and

in depth sleep coaching session

Customized Sleep Strategy

package for your family

Wellness Assessment and Self Care Strategies for the primary caregiver

Two weeks of  UNLIMITED

e-mail support and one

30 minute follow up coaching call


Six 20 minute coaching phone calls 

( to be used within one month)

* HST will be added during payment

Home Is Where

The Sleep Is

(In Home Sleep Consultation)

2-2.5 hours


A family interview and coaching session from the comfort of your home, gives the best opportunity to get at the root causes of your family's sleep challenges

Customized Sleep Strategy Package for your family

Wellness Assessment and Self Care Strategies for the primary caregiver

Thorough Sleep Environment Evaluation

Two weeks of  UNLIMITED

e-mail support and one

30 minute follow up coaching call


Six 20 minute coaching phone calls 

( to be used within 1 month)

* HST will be added during payment

Certified Infant Sleep Educator - Gentle Sleep Coaching Toronto
Certified Birth Doula Toronto

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