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newborn sleep survival kit

Your freebie sleep guide to improve sleep for the whole family

becoming a new parent is a whirlwind.

You might have baby sleep questions like:

Is it normal for my baby to want to be held all the time?

How come my baby won't sleep more than 30 minutes at night but wants to sleep during the day?

Why is my 3 week old fighting sleep?

Am I creating "bad" sleep habits?


Whether you are pregnant and planning ahead or in the daze of those first six weeks, our Newborn Sleep Survival Kit is for you. 


Our free guide uses proven holistic sleep coaching strategies and focuses on the science behind infant sleep education.


We will walk you through some common myths, simple ways to optimize sleep in those early days and help you let go of any fear or unrealistic expectations. All while being responsive and maximizing your rest at the same time.

Sleeping Newborn

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